10 Awesomely Weird Car Modifications

Anyone can put a spoiler on a car, add some spinner rims or make its horn sound like The Dukes of Hazzard, but these car modifications take some real imagination. They might not be the fastest, but I dare you to find mods more furious than these.


10) Alien Car

Make/Model: Various, including Chevy Cobalt, Chevy Cobalt SS, Chevy Aveo, Toyota Echo, Honda Insight, Toyota MR2 and Porsche Boxster
Modification: Street-legal spaceship (Extra Terrestrial Vehicle, or ETV) skin built on the car frame, available from Florida-based company The Car Factory.
Primary Drawback: May be towed to Area 51.


9) Evil Car

Make/Model: Volkswagen, made to look like a Bugatti Atlantic
Modification: Steel plating featuring gargoyle heads with glowing eyes. Creator W.T. Burge calls it Phantoms.
Primary Drawback: Satan might want his car back at some point.


8) Airplane Car

Make/Model: ZAZ Tavria
Modification: Retired Russian pilot Valery Bulgakov added airplane wings and stabilizers and replaced the doors and hood with lighter material to make the car capable of flying — granted, only 10 feet off the ground and for a distance of only 600 feet.
Primary Drawback: Doesn’t fly high enough to avoid toll booths. Or tunnels.


7) Wooden Car

Make/Model: Opel
Modification: Carved wood exterior — half modern, half retro — molded onto a refashioned chassis, courtesy of Ukrainian builder Vasily Lazarenko.
Primary Drawback: Splinters


6) Flat Car

Make/Model: Hillman Imp
Modification: Top and bottom of the frame is sliced to a height of 19 inches from ground to roof, making it the world’s lowest street-legal car. Modeled as a reproduction of the Batmobile, it’s dubbed the Flatmobile. Courtesy of the UK-based Perrywinkle Customs.
Primary Drawback: Air bags needed for speed bumps.


5) Cathedral Car

Make/Model: Cadillac Hearse
Modification: Artist Rebecca Caldwell added tail-fins and welded a Volkswagen Beetle onto the roof of the hearse, then sculpted it to look like a gothic church, dubbed Cathedral.
Primary Drawback: Will have to beat off goth kids with a stick.


4) Mini Tank

Make/Model: Smart Fourtwo
Modification: Wheels replaced by a tank-like track system. Presumably includes some sort of artillery system.
Primary Drawback: The inevitable manslaughter charge.


3) Billiards Car

Make/Model: Volkswagen Bus
Modification: Upper half of bus removed and replaced with a wood and felt-top billiards table.
Primary Drawback: Pool sharks always trying to hitch a ride.


2) Invisible Car

Make/Model: Skoda Fabia
Modification: Camouflaged paint job by University of Central Lancashire art student Sara Watson to blend in with the urban surroundings.
Primary Drawback: You can never move the car. Ever.


1) Dinner Table Car

Make/Model: Reliant Sabre
Modification: A metal dinner table (AKA FastFood) built over the car frame, with seating for six, a faux driver at the head of the table, a hole for the actual driver’s head to peek through and and nitrous oxide injection that propels it to speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. Courtesy of Perrywinkle Customs.
Primary Drawback: Getting hit in the face by an errant appetizer.



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