Ten Strangest Drive-Thrus

Since the 1940s, drive thrus have been an every day mainstay of American culture. We grab our fast food, our coffee and our checks all in the luxury of our vehicles. It’s convenient, fast and we can be on our way in a matter of minutes.

So it comes to no surprise some people created unique drive thrus that go beyond the fast food intercom.

10) Trees

Along the coast of Northern California rests some of the largest trees in the world with the California redwoods. Also available are drive-thru trees, with the most popular one being the Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree in Legget, Calif. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve personally driven through this tree. Driving through the tree wasn’t interesting, but the surrounding area is gorgeous.

9) Art Gallery

Not everyone gets contemporary art and the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver understood this. That’s why it started a drive thru gallery to increase visitors to the museum. Drivers go up to a kiosk and select videos from artists to view and entice them to come inside.

8) Wedding Chapels

Drive-thru wedding chapels aren’t the most unique drive thrus, but they’re still something people don’t associate with weddings. Many celebrities like Michael Jordan and Britney Spears have used drive thru chapels, making them almost seem normal. There is one major benefit to the drive thru chapel. When you throw the bouquet it will certainly land to the next woman who will get married.

7) Prayer Booth

In a strip mall in Tustin, Calif. lays the Prayer Booth Drive-Thru. It’s the work of the evangelical church “Main Place Christian Fellowship.” Drivers pray with a pastor or have the pastor pray for them. The booth also hands out free Bibles, bottled water and sometimes flowers.

6) Government Representation

To speed up time with constituents, Pennsylvania House of Representative Kevin Murphy of Scranton, Penn. created a drive thru window at his office in 2009. Although he took slack from fellow representatives, it gave the young Democrat a faster way to hear from his community.

5) Volcano

Although it’s technically a drive-in volcano, the St. Lucia Volcano allows guests to drive into an active volcano. It’s said to be the only drive-in volcano in the world, which locals are proud about. If you want, you can get out and walk even further into the volcano. The volcano hasn’t erupted in more than 200 years and it’s believed to not have another eruption for another century.

4) Funerals

There are several drive thru funerals in the United States. Although it seems a little disrespectful to wait in your car to view the casket, it’s actually pretty convenient when the deceased is a beloved member of the community. More people get the chance to view the person for the last time without dealing with parking or cramming every person into each nook and cranny of a building.

3) Guns & Alcohol

Only in Texas could you go through a drive thru liquor and gun store. Double Shot in Schulenburg, Tex. is the world’s only drive thru liquor and gun store and totes having everything of both. The store also sells hunting and fishing licenses. It’s the all-in-one store for any hunting trip.

2) Strip club

For nine years people could go to Climax Gentleman’s Club in Congruity, Penn. and watch the dancers from their car. You’d buy tokens for $20 a minute for two or more people or $10 a minute for solo customers and see inside from a diamond shaped window. It may seem very expensive, but I guess the convenience of not having to look at other patrons was a huge bonus. The business closed in 2009 after the owner died.

1) Emergency Room

In September of 2009, Stanford Hospital & Clinics created a drive thru emergency room to see how effective one could work if there was an epidemic. Mock patients were used to represent illnesses with cars separated into lanes based on the patient’s severity. The experiment found patient examinations averaged 26 minutes, which was way faster than the usual 90 minutes for an exam.

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