Driving While Listening to This Song Could Kill You

Radox, a UK bath gel brand has commissioned what scientists are saying is the most relaxing song ever created. So much so in fact that they’re advising people not to listen to it while driving for fear that they’ll fall asleep at the wheel!

The song, created by a group from Manchester called Marconi Union, is called Weightlessness. The eight minute composition mixes pianos, guitars, atmospheric sounds, chimes, and even buddhist chants slowing from 60 bpm to 50 bpm by the end of the song. So it actually gets slower and calmer the more you listen to it.

A lab test found Weightlessness to be 11% more relaxing than even Enya’s most ethereal works. This is in part due to the fact that it features no repeating melody since research has shown that trying to predict or mentally repeat a pattern in a song’s tune is actually more distracting to the brain. To study this women in a lab were given a series of puzzles with their stress levels monitored throughout. According to the study the track was able to reduce their anxiety levels by up to 65%.

You can listen to it yourself here. Though we advise to avoid adding it to your driving playlist anytime soon.

(Source: Gizmodo)

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