10 Worst Drivers Caught on Tape

Some people should not have driver’s licenses. Those people are called Pennsylvanians. But I guess the people in these videos are pretty bad too.


10) Maybe the Steering Wheel Only Turns One Way?

You’d think that leaving the parking space would be the easy part, but not for this driver, who apparently doesn’t realize cars can move in more than one direction.


9) Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Who says you have to go to the county fairgrounds to see the vehicular carnage of cars driving over one another? I like the five-second pause as she decides whether or not to leave a note before slinking away in shame. Hit and slink!


8) Missed It by THAT Much

This is like watching a wildlife show where the lion circles its prey in the background, and before you know it, it pounces, only to just miss its target. The tubby convenience store customer lives to buy another Twinkie.


7) How Not to Recover After Missing Your Exit

The funny thing about highways is if you miss an exit, there’s always another one coming. But this driver seems to think that the Earth is flat and he’ll fly off the edge if he keeps going.


6) The World’s Sloppiest Hit and Run

If this careless driver’s attempted escape had gone on any longer, all that would be left of the car is a steering wheel.


5) Who Put THAT There?

It’s easy to see how he could miss a 50-foot roundabout, with such treacherous weather and the notoriously snarled traffic of Clovis, New Mexico.


4) Perfect Fit

Let’s hope the owner of the red car bought a-hole insurance.


3) You Mean I’m Supposed to Go BETWEEN the Gates?

You can teach a car to sit and stay, but you should draw the line at rolling over.


2) Bad Driver or Attempted Murderer?

If at first you don’t commit vehicular manslaughter, try try again. The best part is the windshield wipers turning on at the end, as if to get rid of that pesky pedestrian blood splatter.


1) Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!

Dukes of Hazzard cosplay goes too far.


BONUS: World’s Worst Pedestrian

I’m not sure what’s scarier: this pathetic attempt at an insurance scam or the possibility that this driver installed a dashboard camera to prevent such pathetic attempts at an insurance scam.



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